Artistic project.
This project is still part of my research on the existence of robots and Artificial Intelligences in a fictional daily life... or almost.
In the universe of The Robot Next Door project, this small series illustrates, always with a touch of humour, the massive arrival of AI in our professional and personal lives.
These digital intelligences invest, among other things, in the fields of creation and the arts. But coupled with robotics, these new beings could very well assist us in all imaginable fields. More or less relevant and useful.
How far are we willing to let all this technology into our lives? What impact can this have on our ways of learning, creating, thinking? And what are the consequences for our human relationships?
Creativity Assisted By AI
Boxing Training Assisted By AI
Calligraphy Assisted By AI
Photography Assisted By AI
Pilates Training Assisted By AI
Fitness Assisted By AI
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