Artistic project.
The practice of yoga on the one hand, robotics and artificial intelligence on the other hand, two very contemporary fields that everything opposes or at least that nothing binds.
In the continuity of my project The Robot Next Door and my reflections on the hypothetical place that synthetic beings could take in our everyday world, I push my questions on the interpretation that these machines could have on the notions of body physical, mind and consciousness.
How could the ideas of spirituality and meditations be interpreted and translated for a thinking machine?
Can taking care of your body and finding a mental balance be understood by a simulation of autonomous human intelligence?
Questions that I illustrate through a small series of images showing mechanical characters trying to ape humans during experimental sessions in a kind of algorithmic introspection.
#1 Sanity
#2 Mechanically
#3 Stability
#4 Flexibility
#5 Inner Entity
#6 Energy
#7 Consciously
#8 Stretchy
#9 Healthy
#10 Dead Body
#11 Purity
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